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Press fittings for multilayer

Spesa minima € 50,00 You have to do use water system Press fittings are used in hydro-thermo-sanitary plants and are available in a diversified range in diameters from diameter 16 to diameter 32 fields of application The multilayer piping system and press-gas fittings is suitable for the construction of gas supply systems for domestic use fed by distribution network, from LPG tanks and fixed tanks, made of metal plastic pipes from networks of gas distribution with maximum working pressure of 0.5 bar and operating temperature from -20 ° C to + 70 ° C. The fittings can also be installed for the supply of hot and cold water in sanitary and heating water systems. regulations and conditions of use UNI / TS 11344 Multi-layer metal-plastic piping systems and fittings for the transport of gaseous fuels for internal systems. UNI / TS 11343 Gas systems for domestic use - gas supply systems for domestic food uses from the distribution network, from LPG tanks and fixed tanks, made using multilayer metal-plastic piping systems (design, installation and maintenance). notes on the materials used OTTONI E POTABILITY All the pieces obtained from the printed paper follow the DIN 509306 regulation which limits the lead content of the alloy below 2.2% - D.M. 174 from 6 April 2004. NBR All nitrile gaskets are in NBR approved DVGW D according to DIN 549 EN 682 type GBL for the use of pipes and fittings for the transport of fluid hydrocarbons D and complies with the appendix AZ of the same standard, concerning the provisions of Directive 89/106 / EEC on construction products (CE conformity marking). Approval for drinking water UNI EN 681-1 DM 174- KTW - DVGW. 38

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